Synopsis and Credits

We lived in Portela – Bairro da Quinta da Vitoria very peacefully. They put us out without concern. We lived very peacefully. Now there is no one there. Everything now is stopped.

With the demolition of Quinta da Vitória neighborhood (Lisbon, Portugal), our film aims to create a living archive of the history and memory of its inhabitants, as well as to mobilize an intervention in their representation in the city. The film is focused on the daily life of an older couple descendant of an Indian family, who emigrated from Mozambique, a former colony of Portugal, to Lisbon in the 1970s. The husband and wife both work out of their home in the neighborhood. As tailors, they both have a close relationship with the other inhabitants, and they are especially integrated into the Hindu community that lives in this neighborhood.


Maxamba; 2015; DCP; 25`; Color; Portugal-USA

Directed & Produced by Suzanne Barnard and Sofia Borges
Sound Design by
Don Maue
Edit by
António Gadanho
Camera and Sound by
Suzanne Barnard and Sofia Borges
Color and Credits by
Rafael Abreu-Canedo
Translations by
Bijal Lalgi and Bina Joshi

Puspavantibai Valgi
Amarchande Otomchande
Ila Lalgi

Graphic Design
Inês Veiga

Web Development
João Martins

Financial Support
Duquesne University


Thanks to


Family of Puspavantibai Valgi and Amarchande Otomchande (Daughter, Son-in-law, granddaughter and grandsons)

Dhiraj Gokaldas

Bina Joshi

Inácio Francisco Kalenda

Sebastião Borges

Leonor Areal

Leswin Laubscher, James Swindal, Don Maue, and Andy Beasom of Duquesne University

Tomás Maia of Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon



Café Princesa (Cova da Moura)

Abel Ribeiro Chaves – Bazar do Vídeo